Based in Austria, four outstanding young musicians formed the Testore Quartet during their studies at the Mozarteum University. The environment of this historically rich town with remarkable studying conditions had made it possible for the four musicians to get together with a common goal of attaining the art of chamber music playing by taking on the challenge of becoming one united entity, whilst exploring a wide range of repertoire from Mozart to the 20th Century.

Testore Quartet won the String Quartet Prize of the "Artis Quartet" in the ISA festival, Austria, for an outstanding performance and interpretation of a string quartet in September 2013.

Individually the four members study with world renowned musicians and together they are privileged to be able to work with the faculty of the chamber music department at the Mozarteum University which includes members of the Hagen Quartet, the Vienna Piano Trio. The Quartet had participated in Master Classes with top chamber music professors such as Johannes Meissl, Hatto Bayerle, Andras Keller, Evgenia Epshtein, Miguel da Silva, members of "Talich Quartet", "Artis Quartet" and others.

The Testore Quartet members are a unique combination of personalities from very different backgrounds and cultures thus allowing each member to be able to contribute to shaping the quartet with their own individual experiences.

It is nice to know that the name “Testore Quartet” comes from the first period of the quartet’s path, where three of the members had the privilege to play the highly acclaimed Italian 18th century, Testore family or Testore school’s instruments.